Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration Project


July 30, 2015

World’s Largest Floating Offshore Wind Turbine “Fukushima Shimpuu” Arrived at the Testing Area

“Fukushima Shinpuu”, the largest floating offshore wind turbine in the world left Onahama port on Tuesday, July 28th and arrived at the testing area in the early morning of Wednesday, July 29th.

“Fukushima Simpuu” has the large scale wind turbine with 7MW output capacity. It is 3.5 times of 2MW capacity of “Fukushima Mirai”, which started operation in the first phase. The height from the sea surface to the rotor center is 105 meters. The wind turbine reaches 188.5 meter at the highest.

In order to tow such huge facilities from Onahama port to the testing area, three tugboats pull the facilities from the front and maintain balance with the assistance of two rear tugboats. In addition, two patrol boats were with them on the alert. The full length of the fleet becomes up to 1,000 meters.

As the next step, facilities will be connected to the chains and anchors, which will be completed in mid-August. In late-August, marine cables will be laid and buried to connect the facilities to the substation “Fukushima Kizuna”, which was constructed in the first phase.

Towing Fukushima Shinpuu from Onahama port to testing area

Towing Fukushima Shinpuu from Onahama port to testing area

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